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eBikes are the next best thing in cycling and are quickly becoming the new "must-have". No longer seen as a fad, it's easy to see why an electric bike can benefit your biking life in every aspect. 

At Banchory Cycles,  we are working with the best manufacturers to bring the latest technology direct to you.  We are constantly updating and upgrading our stock.

For the latest available bikes, check our Current Stock.

All our eBikes can be purchased on finance through our partnership, for more info click here.


Gear Wheel

1. Power Tailored To You

Cycling should be fun and never a chore. Studies have shown that e-cyclists are more likely to go for a ride than conventional cyclists; Much of this is due to the boost in confidence and enjoyment that they provide. You control the power assistance levels which means every ride is tailored to you. Whether you're keeping up with your super fit riding partner or  taking a gentle tour on the Deeside Way, you chose the effort level.

2. Increase Your Range

With the added power provided by an eBike, you'll be able to travel much further and for much longer. Riding long distances will not only be more comfortable but also more manageable. You can push yourself that extra mile knowing you can call on support whenever it's needed.

Gear Wheel
Gear Wheel

3. Commute With Ease

Not only are eBikes incredibly cost effective, they also make the daily commute an absolute breeze. The days of sitting in traffic jams are over, and never worry about finding a parking spot again. Put full assist on in the morning and you won't even break a sweat, then take it off on the way home for a little drive-time work out.

4. Hill Busting Power

When surveyed, one of the biggest reasons people avoided cycling was hills. With an eBike, hill fear is a thing of the past. Take on new routes knowing that any inclines can be tackled with the flick of a switch. Enjoy a downhill ride knowing you can be assisted all the way back up. You are always in control

Gear Wheel
Gear Wheel

5. Low Cost Travel

Owning an electric bike is not only an environmentally friendly mode of transport but an extremely cheap one too. A fully charged battery can add as little as 5p onto your electricity bill, (depending on battery size and energy supplier). No need to pay for parking and a service at Banchory Cycles is the same as any other bike!



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