eBikes are the next best thing in cycling and are quickly becoming the new "must-have". No longer seen as a fad, it's easy to see why an electric bike can benefit your biking life in every aspect. 

At Banchory Cycles,  we are working with the best manufacturers to bring the latest technology direct to you.  We are constantly updating and upgrading our stock.

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What happens if I run out of power?

An eBike still works like a traditonal bike even with no power, so you'll be able to cycle your way home even with no power. There are several solutions if you expect to be away from a power source for a longer amount of time, including spare batteries and range extenders. Feel free to discuss your needs with us in store or by phone!

Is an eBike good exercise?


Contrary to the belief of many, because you’re riding more, you’ll be pedalling more – even if that electric motor is helping you out on occasion, your heart, lungs and blood pressure benefit from the added regular exercise.

Furthermore, we are all not as fit and healthy as we may like to be and e-bikes provides an opportunity for people who love the idea of riding a bike, but fear the thought of travelling any great distance, especially when there is an uphill challenge on their desired route, not to mention those head winds that can exhaust the enjoyment out of your trip!

How long do they take to charge?

Depending on the make of bike and battery, you should expect a full charge in roughly 4-5 hours. Upgrade to a Fast Charger and you're looking at 50% charge in an hour and a full charge in just 3!

Are they heavy?

Due to the addition of a large battery, eBikes are heavier than a traditional bike. This is negligible when using the extra power, but can make powerless cycling a little more of a workout. Many eBikes include features such as walk-assist to help pushing the bike and there are bespoke ramps to help you get the bike in a vehicle.

How far can I go?

Depending on the bike, battery and power usage, a full charge can assist you for as many as 35-80 miles (55-130km)

Are there additional warranties?

At Banchory Cycles, we honour the 2 year warranty on all Bosch components on our bikes.
There are additional warranties which vary per manufacturer and terms and conditions apply.


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