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Gears: Indexed, lubricated and re-aligned

Brakes: Checked & Adjusted

Chains: Measured for wear & lubricated

Wheels & Tyres: Inspected for wear & defects

Bike: Full safety check

Ideal for bikes that have been laid up for a little while or for bikes that require slightly more basic service to ensure that the bike is running in optimum condition.

Price: £40.00


Includes Bronze Service plus:

Bike Frame: Inspected for defects

Drive Train & Components: Cleaned, Degreased, Checked & Adjusted

Wheels & Spokes: Trued & re-tensioned

Ideal for bikes that are used regularly and require a drive train degrease and more involved service to ensure optimum performance is restored.

Price: £60.00

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Includes Bronze & Silver Service plus:

Bike: Fully stripped-down and re-built

Bike Frame: Cleaned & inspected for defects

Wheels & Hubs: Inspected, adjusted and re-greased (bearings replaced if required)

Bottom Bracket: Checked & re-greased

Headset cleaned, inspected, adjusted & re-greased (bearings replaced if required)

Ideal for bikes that are heavily used eg. commuting or training bikes, this is one of our most comprehensive services that involves a full strip down and rebuild including a bike clean.

Price: £105.00


Our Velotech Gold qualified mechanics are available to assist with bike repairs; from punctures and minor adjustments to more complex fixes and bike builds.

Our bike repair service starts with a free safety check-over and estimate before carrying out any repairs.


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